All Saints Margaret Street

High Mass - Lent 5 Passion Sunday

Sunday 18th March 2018 at 11:00 am


Introit: Iudica me, Deus
507 Hear us, O Lord, have mercy upon us
370 Help us, O Lord, to learn ((T341) )
383 Jesus, lover of my soul ((ii) )
63 All ye who seek for sure relief
400 Light of the minds that know him ((T A&MR 401))
Lesson1: Jeremiah 31.31-34
Lesson2: Hebrews 5.5-10
Gospel: John 12.20-33
Preacher: The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Mass Setting: Missa Crux Fidelis - Vivanco
Anthem: Tristis est anima mea - Poulenc
Psalm: 51.1-13
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