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Parish Email 28 February

Monday 2nd March 2020

Lent 1


The forty days of Jesus' withdrawal recall the experience of Israel wandering for forty years in the wilderness on the way to the Promised Land - an experience in which the people were put to the test as Jesus now is. Jesus is the recapitulation of the old Israel even as he is, for Matthew the new Moses. In all three tests or temptations Jesus responds by using texts from Deuteronomy, the book which reflects theologically on the experience of the Jewish people liberated from Egypt.


But, interesting and important though those parallels are, that is history - what is Lent for us now?


As we begin the season by considering our Lord's retreat into desert, we can see it as a call to recollect ourselves before God, to try and remember who we truly are - something he does for us all the time, but we busily fail to do most of the time.


I once managed to spend some time in the Atacama desert in Chile. What you notice in the desert is a clarity in all the silence and dry emptiness, the age-old rocks and sand gradually reclaiming all the efforts of human beings to live there or tame them. It's that clarity that we seek in Lent, and silence can help.


This Lent, try to spend some time alone, in your personal desert; somewhere quiet and apart, just thinking about things; especially try to recollect yourself as God remembers you, with love. Dark and disturbing thoughts may come, as we hear that they did to Jesus. But God is with us. Be thankful. Try to strip away some of the noisy business that interferes with remembering who you are, a child of God. See yourself as a beloved child of God, who is lovable. Learn to love your neighbour afresh. God loves and remembers you: turn to him again, repent and love; learn to be the self he made you to be.


Yours in Christ,

Michael Bowie




Lunch will be available this Sunday

cooked by Geoffrey Woodcock, Philip Payne & Andrew Lane.

Tickets (£6) from the parish shop.


Clive Wright's funeral is on Monday, 2nd March at 11am.




Preacher: Fr Peter McGeary

Haydn Missa brevis in F "Jugendmesse"

Bruckner Ave Maria


This pivotal celebration in the Calendar, celebrating the turning point in the story of our salvation, has not been celebrated at All Saints with a High Mass for some years. 

As we are no longer linked with the Annunciation Bryanston St we have restored this celebration to our Liturgical programme this year.

Please keep the date free and be at All Saints for this day off from Lent!



We look forward to welcoming

Bishop Rowan Williams

as our Holy Week preacher this year


Bishop Rowan will be with us from

Palm Sunday to Easter Day as follows

Palm Sunday                                         11am High Mass


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday   6.30pm Mass


Maundy Thursday                                6.30pm High Mass


Good Friday                                          12 Noon 

                                                                Preaching the Passion

                                                               1pm Solemn Liturgy


Holy Saturday                                      9pm Easter Vigil


Easter Day                                            11am High Mass



Advice from the diocese of London about the reception of Holy Communion:


Holy Communion 

While it is our faith that the sacraments are means of grace and not of sickness, they are physically ministered, and we should take physical care. As well as the specific concern about Coronavirus, this advice is generally applicable for all infectious disease. 


1. Wash Hands. Priests presiding at the Eucharist, communion administrators and servers are reminded to wash hands. 


 2. Do not intinct. Because hands can be as much a source of pathogens as lips, intinction is no safer than drinking and can introduce germs into the cup.

Intinction (dipping the bread into the wine) can also threaten those with certain immune or allergic conditions. For instance, those with gluten intolerance for whom traces of gluten can be hazardous are at greater risk when other communicants have dipped their communion wafer into the wine. 


3. Consider receiving Holy Communion in one Kind. It is Anglican teaching that to receive the sacrament in one kind only (ie. just the bread) is to receive the sacrament in its entirety. The celebrant should always receive from the Chalice. Should a communicant feel ill or not wish to drink from the chalice then he or she ought to receive the consecrated bread alone. There is no need at this stage to cease offering the chalice to the congregation. 


Parish Retreat

The 2020 parish retreat will be from May 22-24  at Bishop Woodford House in Ely. It will be conducted by Fr Luke Miller, who is the Archdeacon of London. 

If you want to come, or would like further information, please contact Martin Woolley at 

or on 


Rooms will be allocated in the order in which bookings are received.




For the foreseeable future the Parish Office will not always be staffed.
James Sherwood will usually be in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

From Tuesday to Saturday, Peter Little will also be in and around the church working as sacristan / verger.

The best way to get in touch with the parish is by email:

E:         (T: 020 7636 1788)



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Those who are sick or distressed and have asked for prayers: 

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Mayshee Eyob, Belinda, Victor Sharp, David Fettke, Joan Cooper, Jenni Black,
Elizabeth Dennis, Sian Evans, Helen Mannion, Vallery Tchukov,

Hilary Anne, Sara Vice, Lenore Kimbrough, Fr Ron Swan,

Darryl d'Souza, Katherine Lee, Chris Gudgeon, Fr Kevin Hunt,

Nicky Yeo, Lorna Smith, Margaret Clark, James Shrimpton



Those known to us recently departed: 

Clive Wright, James Adam, Robert Lane, Joan Ward


Anniversaries of death this week:  




Dennis Gill, William Batey, Gertrude Bennett, Charles Bewisk Pr, Frances Lightfoot,Catherine Packer, Ernest Gittins, Walter Freeth, Bridget Wright, Marion Badger, Kenneth Edwards, Alfred Gorse, George Frederick Holden Pr (4th Vicar), Gwen Ogilvy, Alice Sutton, Phyllis Wickner, Brigid Beattie-Moriarty


Sunday 1 March Lent 1


8am Low Mass

11am HIGH MASS  

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie

Western Wind Mass - Sheppard

Motet: In ieiunio et fletu - Tallis


 5.15pm Low Mass

6pm Evensong and Benediction 

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie

Byrd - short service

Anthem: Ne irascaris - Byrd


WORSHIP at ALL SAINTS this week   


Monday 2 March to Friday 6 March

7.30am Morning Prayer   8am Low Mass (except Wednesdays)

Daily: 12.30pm Confessions   1.10pm Low Mass

5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm Low Mass   


Fridays in Lent: 7pm Stations of the Cross 


Saturday 7 March 
(Church opens at 11am) 

12 noon Low Mass

5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer

6.30pm First Mass of Sunday

Sunday 8 March  Lent 2

8am Low Mass

11am HIGH MASS    Preacher: Fr John Pritchard

Mass for double choir - Martin

Motet: Meditabor - Rheinberger


5.15pm Low Mass 

6pm Evensong and Benediction      Preacher: Fr Peter McGeary

Canticles: Gray in F minor 

Anthem: O vos omnes - Casals


The best way to get in touch with the parish is by email:

E:         (T: 020 7636 1788)



below the Parish Room is open after High Mass and Evensong.

The bar has a members' only licence; (membership £5). 

Club members are reminded that annual subscriptions for 2020 

are due for renewal  from 1st January. 

New members are welcome.

THE PARISH SHOP is open in the Parish Room before High Mass and in the courtyard afterwards. On sale this week:


Full service information: 



Discussion and decision on sacramental ministry and the appointment of a new Incumbent at All Saints Margaret Street - the process. 

(information pack available on the parish website:

From Fr Adam Atkinson

When Bishop Sarah and Bishop Jonathan were both at All Saints in November we started a discussion on a review of the Resolution about the episcopal oversight of the parish to precede the appointment process for a new Incumbent at All Saints.

The Resolution the parish has in place at present was agreed upon before Bishop Sarah became the Diocesan Bishop. The Bishops were encouraging us to review our position on it and have delegated Fr Adam Atkinson to lead us through discussion and decision, the annual meeting and to the appointment process. These three phases will take about 6 months.

Discussion on the Resolution

The Bishops are keen to allow the parish time and space for discussion and the PCC to take responsibility for the health of the whole and the future ministry of the parish. Given the strong feelings in the parish about the nature of episcopal and priestly sacramental ministry, it seems wise to allow a process of listening to start in January after the PCC meeting on 13th, leading to a decision before Easter to take place.

Fr Neil Bunker will be joining Fr Adam Atkinson in this listening exercise. They will be holding private one to one meetings and enabling people to book times through the church office. They intend to commit sufficient hours to this over January and February as to satisfy the appetite among the congregation for discussion.

A pack of background information for discussion on a Resolution under the House of Bishops Declaration has been put together under the instruction of the Bishops. It is available in hard copy and online (on the Parish website, via the link to the January 2020 Parish Paper). Informed by the listening exercise the PCC will take responsibility for a decision on the Resolution by Passiontide. It is seen as important that this step is concluded before Bishop Rowan comes to lead us through Holy Week.

Appointment of Incumbent

The Annual Meeting (APCM) is currently scheduled for 26 April, at which a new PCC will be elected. It is time to elect Deanery Synod representatives as well as five other places on PCC, plus the annual election of the two churchwardens. It is this new PCC from which the two parish representatives will be selected to join the panel with the Bishop and those who are tasked with appointing a new Incumbent. 

Because important elements of the parish profile cannot be concluded until a decision on the Resolution has been reached, the process of appointment of a new Incumbent will not begin until after the APCM. In line with common practice, the PCC may wish to revisit their decision on a Resolution at that point. The Bishops are content to endorse this timing and this process.

We expect an advertisement to be published in May and interviews take place in June, for an Autumn appointment. Until that point the priestly cover will be offered by a number of friends of All Saints who have permission to officiate by the Diocesan Bishop.

How to play your part

Every one of us at All Saints Margaret Street is involved. St Paul's image of the Church as one Body with many parts applies to us as a parish: We all have different gifts and different functions in the body but each one is to be honoured. The life of the whole is dependant on the health of each member. Christ is the head of the body. Please do consider under God how you can contribute to the health and life of the whole body:

Prayer - Please intercede for the life of God in and though us, pray for our leaders for the future ministry of the church, pray for wisdom from above.

Speaking - Let us speak well of one another, taking care how we use the tongues with which we praise God, building one another up, telling of His love.

Participation - Sign up for a private one to one conversation in January/February, read the information, enjoy serving at and giving through All Saints.

If you would like to sign up for a conversation with Fr Adam (dates available from 10 January), please speak to Chris Self or contact him by email at


OR by telephone:

020 7723 2938 (where you can leave a message).


If you have any questions please do approach members of the PCC and the Priests at All Saints and you may also contact Fr Adam in person or on



Donations of warm clothing are gratefully sought at this time of year by our neighbours the Jesus Army. Women's clothing and men's, particularly shoes, are appreciated. Please leave donations in the Parish Office, or the vicarage hallway.


New data protection laws mean that we need your consent to communicate with you by post/email/phone/SMS. 

If you have NOT already responded to an email from us 

in May 2018 and wish us to continue or start to send you 

weekly e-newsletters, please go to our 
website  www.allsaintsmargaretstreet.or... 

and click on the 
'Sign up here' link to give us your consent. 

View All Saints' Privacy Notice at:

If you know of others who would like to receive this regular update on what's happening at All Saints please encourage them to sign up for the email on the All Saints website - www.allsaintsmargaretstreet.or... and click on the 'Sign up here' link to give us their consent.  

If you would like pastoral assistance, please contact:

The Parish Church of All Saints Margaret Street, 

London W1W 8JG 

T: 020 7636 1788.  E:

Assistant Priest: Fr Michael Bowie 

T: 07581 180963  E: 

(Day off: Wednesday) 

Safeguarding Officers: Please raise any concerns you have with:

Chris Self (Vulnerable Adults) and Janet Drake (Children) 

If you would like prayers offered, amendments to the prayer list or to obtain an Electoral Roll form please contact the office:   



A priest is available for confessions/counsel 
Monday - Friday from 12.30 -1pm and at 
5.30pm Monday - Saturday, or by appointment. 
(Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.)


The ministry of All Saints costs £1,070/day. 

Visitors, tourists & photographers are invited to contribute, reviewing the experience on All Saints' Trip Advisor entry. 

THANK YOU for all donations supporting the Church's work and worship, choir & music and care of its heritage buildings.  

The Government reports an £600m annual shortfall in take-up of Gift Aid tax relief for UK charities - so All Saints doesn't lose the extra 25%, please always GIFT AID! 

PARISH GIVING leaflets - about how to set up regular giving to All Saints - can be found on the church table. 

Donations for general Church purposes: 

To give by BACS please use the following details, 

advising the Administrator to collect Gift Aid:  

PCC All Saints (Charity # 1132895)
Sort Code 60-09-15. A/C # 04559452 

Parish Legacy Policy 

We are always delighted to hear from anyone who wants to support us with a donation. Our PCC Legacy Policy though is to encourage people to leave bequests specifically to one of our two related charities to be used for purposes of lasting value (rather than day to day costs): 

All Saints Choir & Music Trust (Charity # 802994) or 

The All Saints Foundation (Charity # 273390). 

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