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All Saints Parish Newsletter 29th June 2018

Tuesday 26th June 2018

Dear Friends,

One of the exams I had to pass in order to be ordained was called “Use of the Bible.” It was jokingly known as “Abuse of the Bible,” but the joke reflected an awareness that the scriptures have often been abused to support the aims and positions of the powerful: slave-owners over slaves; rich over poor; men over women. 

In recent days there has been a glaring example of that from the Attorney General of the United States. In a breath-taking combination of biblical fundamentalism and political expediency, he defended the shameful practice of separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents and incarcerating them in cages, by quoting the 13th chapter of St. Paul's Letter to the Romans:

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God.  Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgement.”

We will hear those words in the 2nd lesson at Evensong on Sunday. 

If Mr. Pence knew much church history, he would know that this passage was used in  Nazi Germany, by those known as “German Christians,” to justify submission to Hitler and his policies.  An interpretation which went back to Luther meant that protest against government barbarism and cruelty was illegitimate.  

Paul's argument has a complexity which eludes fundamentalist proof-texting; but it is one which should not simply be dismissed. As God's work in creation brought order out of chaos, government has a similar role.  The order which proper government brings serves the common good. While you and I may grumble about the government of the day, few if any of us would opt for no government.  Such anarchy leads to a constant state of disorder and violence in which the strong triumph over the weak. We may chafe at paying taxes, just as people did in ancient Rome. There is a debate to be had about levels and fairness of taxation, but the majority of us accept its necessity in funding those common activities upon which we rely and which we cannot provide for ourselves.  

Yet while this passage calls for obedience to governments, as agents of the common good, punishing evil and disorder, it also limits their authority. As God's servants for the promotion of civil order, they cannot claim divine prerogatives for themselves.   When government demands the absolute loyalty which creatures owe only the Creator, when it rewards evil rather than punishing it, when it promotes sectional interest rather than the common good, it ceases to be an agent of divine order.  It becomes an idolatrous opponent of God and is no longer the kind of government Paul has in mind. 

The Church of England's daily prayer for the Queen and those in authority under her recognizes the way in which good government serves the common weal. Prayer for those in authority is not a seal of approval for everything they do, or a refusal to hold them to account when they make mistakes or succumb to that corrupting tendency of power which the historian Lord Acton spoke of.  It is a recognition both of the difficulty of their task and  of our personal and shared responsibility for the common good. 

As for Mr. Pence, others have already suggested that he should read on in Chapter13 of Romans where he will find Paul saying: 

“Owe no one anything except to love one another, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. The commandments, 'You shall not commit adultery; You shall not murder; You shall not steal; You shall not covet'; and any other commandment are summed up in this word, 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' Love does no wrong to a neighbour; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.”

Yours in Christ, 

Fr Alan Moses, Vicar
All Saints Margaret Street

Please pray for all those to be ordained this Petertide. 

Within our community we pray for those who are sick or distressed and have asked for prayers - Asia Bibi, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, John Allan, Roy Bright, Penny Farrell, Adrienne Newson, Mary Goodman, Jason Dominic Chan, Brian Carr, Aria Carthy, Vallery Tchukov, Pauline Wayman, Sian Evans, Sara Vice, Elizabeth Lual, Mary Fast, Brian Prosser, Peter Brentnall, Judy Stewart, Jane Gadney, David Eckland,  Dave Kynnersley, Patricia Searle, David Webb, Barbara Schiefer, Rose Smith and Fr Graham Francis. 

Those known to us recently departed - Richard Beckford, Michael Screech Pr, Matthew Thompson, Martin Banks, Martin Jervis, Colin Gay Pr, Katie Marko, Katie Marko, Raymond King, Robert Adams and Mary Johnstone.

Anniversaries of death this week - Richard Price Pr, Barbara Treadway, Philip Cranmer, Valerie Southcott, Mary Lightfoot, Kenneth O’Ferral Pr, Barbara Brentnall, John Pearce, Emily Davis, Marie Padley, Phillip Smith, Molly Mather, Lucy Wentworth- Reeve and Wilfred Burling. 


Saturday 30 June (Church opens 11am)
12 noon Low Mass
5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer  
6.30pm First Mass of Sunday 

Preacher: The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Lemmens Messe pour voix d’hommes
Stanford, arr. Denis Mason Beati quorum via 

SUNDAY LUNCH is available, prepared by Huw Pryce.
Menu: Chicken & Leek Bake with potatoes & carrots; Dark chocolate pot with Irish cream. Tickets £6, available at the All Saints Shop before & after Mass.

Preacher: Fr Julian Browning
Sumsion Canticles in G (Men’s Voices)
Walker I will lift up mine eyes 

Monday 2 - Friday 6 July
7.30am Morning Prayer   8am Low Mass 
12.30 - 1pm Confessions   1.10pm Low Mass
5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm Low Mass

Saturday 7 July (Church opens 11am)
12 noon Low Mass 
5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer   

6.30pm First Mass of Sunday 

Preacher: Fr Julian Browning
Padilla Missa ‘Ego Flos Campi’   
Guerrero Ave Virgo sanctissima 

SUNDAY LUNCH will be available, prepared by Robin Clutterham with the American guest team of Alan Kimbrough, John Elgin and Ruth. Main course and dessert - tickets £6, available at the All Saints Shop before & after Mass. 

Preacher: Fr Philip Bevan
Howells Collegium Regale   
Harris Faire is the heaven  

ORGAN RECITAL (following Benediction) at 7.15pm
TIMOTHY BYRAM-WIGFIELD, Director of Music, All Saints
“Hallelujah! Welten singen Dank und Ehren”
(from the oratorio ‘Mount of Olives’) - Ludwig van Beethoven, transcr. W.T.Best
6 variations on a theme of Corelli, Op. 56 - Johann Rinck
Angel-scene, from ‘Hansel and Gretel’ - Englebert Humperdinck, transcr. E.H.Lemare
Phantasie über den Choral “Halleluja! Gott zu loben” - Max Reger
Entry: Free with retiring collection in aid of Choir and Music at All Saints - £5 recommended.
The Licensed Club/Bar will be open after the Recital.  

For full information about all services at All Saints – see


VOLUNTEERING AT ALL SAINTS – thanks to everyone who came along to one of the two June Sunday sessions to find out more; those who have now volunteered anew and those who took away a leaflet with further details to consider.

Looking ahead, we have some specific opportunities: on Weds 15 August for the Feast of the Assumption (with Outdoor Procession) – with a need for procession participants & stewards; hospitality (preparing & serving food & clearing up afterwards) and also on Sat 22 September when USPG will return to All Saints for their Annual Reunion and people are needed from 10am onwards to help provide a welcome and to serve coffee/tea; lunch and drinks (which helpers are welcome to share). If you might be able to offer some assistance with either of these future events, please speak to Chris Self or Dee Prior after Mass or phone the Parish Office: 020 7 636 1788 or email


FUNDRAISING CONCERT - Friday 13 July 7.30pm
— A concert exploring the different musical languages of direct contemporaries across Europe

Daniel Collins conducts a choir (formed of singers from the choir of All Saints, Margaret Street and other young professionals) in a concert of music and readings from across Europe and the British Isles. The aim is to raise funds jointly for the creation of a new concert series at Holy Trinity, Stroud Green (London N4) and the Choir & Music Fund at All Saints, Margaret Street.


William BYRD (1540/3 – 1623) — Sing Joyfully

Francisco GUERRERO (1528 – 1599) — Ave Virgo Sanctissima

Carlo GESUALDO (1566 – 1613) — O Vos Omnes (1611)

Giovanni Pierluigi da PALESTRINA (1525 – 1594) — Credo (Missa Papæ Marcelli)

Guillaume COSTELEY (1530 – 1606) — Allons Gay Bergères

Francis POULENC (1899 – 1963) — O Magnum Mysterium

Peter CORNELIUS (1824 – 1874) — Ich will dich lieben, meine Krone!

Anton BRUCKNER (1824 – 1896) — Christus Factus Est

Arthur SULLIVAN (1842 – 1900) — The Long Day Closes

Herbert MURRILL (1909 – 1952) — O Mistress Mine

Juan Gutiérrez de PADILLA (1590 – 1664) — Gloria (Missa Ego Flos Campi)

Entry is free but please donate what you think it's worth at the end!
Wine & canapés available. Please come & support this exciting venture! For more information on the concert series, please visit 

THE ALL SAINTS CLUB AGM - Sunday 15 July 2018 will take place in the All Saints bar after Evensong. All members are welcome to attend and vote. The bar will open after the meeting. 


Canon Anthony Ball has asked us to circulate an invitation from The Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey & Council of Christians and Jews (Central London Branch) to a Summer Garden Party celebrating CCJ’s 75th Anniversary in the College Garden, Westminster Abbey.  

Admission is free but Registration by 28 June is essential. To register email or telephone 020 7654 4805. 


Our year-round fundraising efforts go to support three charities:

The Church Army hostels and programmes in Marylebone empowering homeless women into independent living through providing a safe refuge, training and employment opportunities.
The USPG-led UMOJA, HIV Project in Zimbabwe, enabling people living with HIV and Aids to have positive lives, and
The Soup Kitchen (American International Church, Tottenham Court Road) feeding up to 80 vulnerable people daily in central London.

Men’s clothing needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street, which provides a regular drop-in and range of services to homeless people. If you have women’s or men’s clothes to give away, please bring to Church and leave at the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. The Church Army also collects women’s clothes for their Homeless Hostel so all donations can be found a good new home! Contributions of shirts, trousers, warm sweaters and blankets continue to be much appreciated. 

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The Parish Church of All Saints Margaret Street, London W1 W 8JG
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Assistant Priest: The Revd Dr Michael Bowie
T: 07581 180963 E: (Day off: Wednesday)

A priest is available for confessions/counsel Monday – Friday from 12.30-1pm and at 5.30pm Monday - Saturday, or by appointment. (Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.)

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