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All Saints Parish Newsletter 1st June 2018

Friday 1st June 2018

Dear Friends, 

Some years ago, I celebrated and preached on Corpus Christi, then flew the next morning to New York to do the whole thing all over again at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin on Sunday morning. A procession on Oxford Street was followed by one in Times Square. 

This year, Fr. Michael is doing something similar but without the transatlantic flight. On Sunday morning, he is preaching for the Corpus Christi celebration at All Saints, Houghton Regis in the Diocese of St. Albans. 

Most weeks, Fr. Michael and I alternate preaching at High Mass and writing the Parish Email letter; so our hearers and readers get two slants on the Sunday readings. However, we have got out of sync, so this week I am doing both. Unless the Holy Spirit intervenes, I will preach on the Old Testament and Gospel readings, so I will focus here on the Epistle reading (2 Corinthians 4.5-12).  

During the long haul of Sundays after Trinity, also known as “Ordinary Time”, while the Old Testament and Gospel readings are related, the epistles follow an independent course. When it comes to sermons, they can become something of a poor relation.  

In Sunday's passage from 2 Corinthians we hear Paul defending his ministry. It may be hard for us to think of such a towering figure in the Church's life then and since, being attacked in a church he had founded, but so it was. 

Paul defends himself, not by claiming to be a better preacher or to have more ecstatic spiritual experiences than his critics, but by speaking of his suffering and weakness. These, he says, are what unite him with Christ and allow the “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” to shine out through his ministry. 

Church Times readers may have noticed the increasing number of pages devoted to job adverts for clergy.  In seeking to attract priests, parishes have to “sell themselves;” to stand out on the page. Priests who apply also have to market themselves, on application forms and at interviews. Just as some people are good at exams while others shine through the long haul of course work, so some are better at presenting themselves in interviews. But parochial ministry is for the long haul and the necessary qualities may not always show up in an interview.  We might wonder how St. Paul would have fared in such a system. 

To clergy of my generation, taught to believe that humility was a virtue we should at least try to cultivate; that our self-examination should remind us that “we have this treasure in clay jars,” this approach is both spiritually alien and theologically dubious. 

Serious questions are now being raised about how the Church of England goes about selecting candidates for ordination. This seems weighted against those whose social and educational backgrounds do not equip them to navigate their way through a system based on that used for selecting army officers.  Our diocese is concerned that our large number of ordinands (which we are seeking to increase) does not reflect the ethnic and social make-up of our city. In plain English, they are still largely white and middle class. 

This is not an argument for choosing the inept and unsuitable, but a plea that we remember that beneath all the technical and managerial competences priests are now expected to demonstrate, our ministry must like Paul's be patterned on that of Jesus, for “we do not proclaim ourselves, we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as your slaves for Jesus's sake.” 

Yours in Christ, 

Fr. Alan Moses, Vicar
All Saints Margaret Street 


Within our community we pray for those who are sick or distressed and have asked for prayers: Asia Bibi, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Penny Farrell, Adrienne Newson, Mary Goodman, Jason Dominic Chan, Robert Adams, Brian Carr, Aria Carthy, Vallery Tchukov, Matthew Thompson, Pauline Wayman, Sian Evans, Sara Vice, Elizabeth Lual, Mary Fast, Brian Prosser, Peter Brentnall, Keith Bevan, Judy Stewart, Jane Gadney, David Eckland,  Dave Kynnersley, Patricia Searle, David Webb, Barbara Schiefer, Rose Smith and Fr Graham Francis. 

Those known to us recently departed: Malcolm Barrow, Faye Chegwidden, Reg Gadney, Dulcie John, Connie Coote, Norma Lewis and Roy Meadowcraft.  

Anniversaries of death this week:  Ada Tomlinson, Robert Terwilliger Bp, Vyvian hall, Gwen Rice, Joan Arnold, Cyril Tomkinson, Tony Pulleyn, Margaret White-Cooper, Doris Daw, James Binnie, Denise Gerard, Kenneth Ross (8th Vicar of All Saints Margaret Street), Andrew Blackband, Russell Miller, Mark Seymour-Taylor.

Saturday 2 June
12 noon Low Mass 
5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer  
6.30pm First Mass of Sunday 

Preacher: The Vicar Fr Alan Moses
W Lloyd Webber Missa Princeps Pacis
Saint-Saëns Ave Maria

SUNDAY LUNCH this week is cooked by Frances O’Neil and team. Main course and dessert. Tickets £6, available at the All Saints’ Shop before & after Mass.

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie
Francis Jackson Setting in G minor 
Handel Zadok the Priest

Monday 4 – 8 June
7.30am Morning Prayer   8am Low Mass 
12.30 - 1pm Confessions   1.10pm Low Mass
5.30pm Confessions   6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm Low Mass

Please note: On Friday 8 June, if you visit, preparations will be underway in Church for a London Fashion Week show taking place on Saturday 9 June in the afternoon. We apologise for our different appearance. All Friday’s Masses will take place as usual, but at the Lady Altar.

Saturday 9 June (Church opens 11am)

11.30 Rosary and Walsingham Devotions – at the Lady Altar
12 noon Mass of Our Lady of Walsingham 

5.30pm Confessions
   6pm Evening Prayer   
6.30pm First Mass of Sunday – at the High Altar

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie
Rheinberger Cantus Missᴂ, Op 109
Elgar O hearken thou

Preacher: The Vicar Fr Alan Moses
Harwood Setting in A Flat
Stainer I saw the Lord

All Sunday services and weekday High Masses sung by the Choir of All Saints - full details at 


FEAST OF CORPUS CHRISTI 2018 HIGH MASS – thank you to everyone who joined us in and helped steward the Outdoor Procession along Oxford Street; all those who organised and helped with bar service, hospitality and the clear up after the party and Fr Philip Bevan for praying the Luminous Mysteries with those who stayed in Church during the street Procession of the Blessed Sacrament. One of our major annual public acts of witness to the faith in our parish, drawing attention to the plight of Christians suffering persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere, we were delighted so many could attend and participate in the procession.  

Sunday 8 June 7 for 7.30pm - PARISH DINNER at Conchiglia 
Tickets £30 (Three courses of Italian food and two glasses of wine included) selling well but are still available - cash or cheque please payable to Parochial Church All Saints. Tickets available after Mass on Sunday from Kate Hodgetts. 

Sunday 10 and Sunday 17 June – Parish Room after High Mass with coffee/tea – VOLUNTEERING AT ALL SAINTS there will be a chance to meet a range of volunteer team leaders at All Saints and find out about the many ways of becoming involved in helping at Church – from bar tending to Church Watching, with many roles and opportunities for different talents and availability of time. The PCC of the Church is also restructuring its advisory Committees and is looking for those keen to help us and with skills/experience in generating income; managing buildings, health & safety, assessing the risks we face and developing our use of modern communication methods. Please come along and see how you could join in, get to know All Saints better and make a valuable contribution to the life of the Church while meeting people. We hope to see you there one of those two Sundays.


 – Fr Michael Fuller asks that we advise you: Choral Evensong and Benediction - It has been our tradition for some time now to sing the office of Evensong on the first Sunday in the month. The difficulty in forming a choir and the dwindling congregation has caused us to suspend, for the time being, this service. This means there will be no service.  We are hopeful to restore it as soon as we are able.

Monday 4 – Friday 15 June 11am – 4pm 
Over 4,000 second-hand and nearly-new books with a variety of fiction and non-fiction,as well as vinyl, DVDs & CDs.  ALL PROCEEDS TO ST GILES’ CHURCH Registered Charity No.1138077.  

Thursday 7 June at 10.40 – 11.30am
LAURENCE LONG (former Dr John Birch Organ Scholar at All Saints) FINAL ORGAN RECITAL at the Royal College of Music
, Prince Consort Road, London SW7 2BS (on the new organ in the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall). The programme will include Bach's Toccata and Fugue in F major and Rheinberger's fourth organ sonata in A minor. 

FAITH MATTERS QUESTION TIME THE CRISIS IN SYRIA: WHAT NEXT? Thursday 28 June 2018 – 7-9pm, Farm Street Church Hall, 114 Mount St, London W1K 3AH - Melanie McDonagh (Evening Standard), Revd Nadim Nassar (Director, Awareness Foundation), John Pontifex (Head of Press and Information, Aid to the Church in Need), Fr Martin Newell, CP (Peace activist & campaigner). All welcome to an informative lively evening on how as Christians we might respond to the tragedy in Syria.  Recommended donation: £10 on the door.  Online advance booking via

Our year-round fundraising efforts go to support three charities:

The Church Army hostels and programmes in Marylebone empowering homeless women into independent living through providing a safe refuge, training and employment opportunities. 
The USPG-led UMOJA, HIV Project in Zimbabwe, enabling people living with HIV and Aids to have positive lives, and 
The Soup Kitchen (American International Church, Tottenham Court Road) feeding up to 80 vulnerable people daily in central London. 

Men’s clothing needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street, which provides a regular drop-in and range of services to homeless people. If you have women’s or men’s clothes to give away, please bring to Church and leave at the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. The Church Army also collects women’s clothes for their Homeless Hostel so all donations can be found a good new home! Contributions of shirts, trousers, warm sweaters and blankets continue to be much appreciated. 

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