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All Saints Parish Newsletter 9th March 2018

Friday 9th March 2018

Dear Friends, 

On Monday of this week I had to switch into my tour guide mode.  A group of thirty from the Stevenage and Knebworth Arts Group had arranged to visit All Saints and had asked for a talk about the architecture and art, the history and life of the church.  In the event, we were joined by a group of students from New York University's London programme, and a nice couple who sat at the back and sent an appreciative email afterwards: appreciative not just of the talk but of our hospitality to the homeless which they had not been expecting. 

It is impossible to explain All Saints, at least for me, without speaking of the theology which underlies its architecture and adornment.  One of the elements of the iconography of All Saints which many visitors, and perhaps even some regular worshippers, find puzzling is the trio of panels under the great west window which are a memorial to Berdmore Compton, the second Vicar of the parish.  

A considerable degree of biblical literacy seems to have been expected of the congregation but this was an era in which the principal morning service consisted of Mattins, Litany and the Eucharist. This and attendance at Evensong would mean that worshipper would hear a great deal of the Old Testament.  They would also hear preaching formed by reading of those Fathers of the Church; some of whom are represented on the north and south walls of our sanctuary. 

Old Testament events like those depicted in the three panels are “types” or foreshadowings of Christ. Melchizedek presenting bread and wine to Abraham, the Sacrifice of Isaac and, in the centre, Moses and the bronze serpent are types of the Eucharist and the passion.   This bronze serpent features in the Old Testament and Gospel readings on Sunday.   

Moses made the bronze serpent on the instructions of God, who was responding to Moses' intercession on behalf of the people.  Their complaining against God and Moses had led to a plague of venomous serpents. (Nowadays you can grumble about the Vicar with no fear of such extreme retribution.)  Those who had been bitten had only to look at the serpent to be healed. 

In John's Gospel, Jesus speaks of himself being “lifted up” like the bronze serpent in the wilderness. In John, “lifted up,” refers both to Jesus being lifted up on the cross and to his exaltation to the glory of the Father in his resurrection.  It is to Jesus on the cross and in glory to whom we look for healing, for salvation, for eternal life.  And Jesus will say later in the Gospel: “I when I am lifted up, I will draw all people to myself.” 

As we draw closer to Passiontide and Holy Week, the worship of the Church draws our attention to the cross of Christ as the demonstration of God's love for his creation: 

“God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life” and the power that draws all to itself as the source of healing, life and peace. 

I grew up hearing that text, one much favoured by preachers like the recently departed Dr. Billy Graham, not at evangelistic events, but in the “Comfortable Words” of the Prayer Book Communion service celebrated Sunday by Sunday in a village church where passion and eucharist were one. 

In Passiontide especially Christ crucified is proclaimed in scripture and preaching, prayers and hymnody and sacrament. On Good Friday in the Liturgy of the Passion, we hear the Passion according to John, with its special emphasis on the glory of the cross on which Christ is lifted up.  Then what we have heard in word is proclaimed visibly as the cross is lifted up: “Behold, the wood of the cross, whereon hung the world's salvation.”  We kneel and gaze in adoration as it is carried through the church. Then we are drawn forward to embrace it in the Veneration of the Cross. Then we are drawn forward again to receive the body of Christ given for us and his blood shed for us and to feed on him in our hearts by faith with thanksgiving. 

So we might pray, in the words of the Passiontide blessing, that Christ crucified might “draw us to himself to find in him a sure ground for faith, a firm support for hope, and the assurance of sins forgiven.” 

May we all be blessed by our keeping of these days. 

Yours in Christ, 

Fr. Alan Moses, Vicar
All Saints Margaret Street


Those who are sick or distressed and who have asked for prayers:Asia Bibi, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, David Evans, Keith Bevan, Luiz-Antonio Neto, Judy Stewart, Jane Gadney, Sister Margaret Anne OHP, Roger Walker, David Eckland, Peter Brentnall, Hannah Laura, Yvonne Burgess-Jones, Frances Goodchild, Dave Kynnersley, Patricia Searle, David Webb, Stewart Lyon, Amy Eng, Patience Yartey, Jacqui Birt, Simon Ensor, Maggie Durran, Martin Hale, Jayne Forrester, Joy Wright, Barbara Schiefer, Rose Smith, Fr Graham Francis, Ken Hales, Beverley Ward and Sian Evans.                        

Those known to us recently departed: Caroline Farrer, Claire Cullinan Brown, Bill Cullinan, Harry Yardley, John Reddington, Joseph Goetz Pr, Hazel Gedge, Heather Humphrey Pr, Mark Moroney, Michelle Hanson and Matthias Winter.
Anniversaries of death this week:
Charles Mills, Rosie Bullock, Peter Harding Pr, Clark Vaugham, William Whitworth, Emily Woodard, Peter Brealey, Rosemary Lloyd, Barry Blacklock, Elizabeth Middlemist-Downer, Annie Slater, Basil Whitworth Pr, Ann Sculley, Sydney Heales, Vera Martin, Peggy Shepherd, James Robertson Pr, Joan Miller, Donald Faithfull, Hester Russell, Edward Aubert and Frank Coomber.


Saturday 10 March (Church opens at 11am)
11.30pm Rosary & Walsingham Devotions

12 noon Low Mass Our Lady of Walsingham
6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm First Mass of Sunday 

Laetare, Refreshment Sunday

Preacher: Fr Michael Bowie
Mozart Spatzenmesse K 220
Bonnet Ave Maria

Preacher: The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Sermon Theme: Reading and Meditating on God's Holy Word

Stanford Canticles in G
Rheinberger Salve Regina 

Monday 12 – Friday 16 March

7.30am Morning Prayer   8am Low Mass
12.30-1pm Confessions   1.10pm Low Mass
5.30pm Confessions 6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm Low Mass

Thursday 6.30pm Mass, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & 8.30pm Compline
Friday 7pm Stations of the Cross

Saturday 17 March (Church opens at 11am)
12 noon Low Mass
6pm Evening Prayer   6.30pm First Mass of Sunday

Sunday 18 March, 5th Sunday of Lent 
Passion Sunday 

Preacher: The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Vivanco Missa Crux Fidelis
Poulenc Tristis est anima mea

including Ave Verum Corpus – Byrd, The Crown of Roses – Tchaikovsky
Tenebrae factae sunt – Poulenc, Agnus Dei – Leighton (Missa Brevis)
Stabat Mater – Wüllner, Magnificat: from the Short Service – Byrd and for organ Bach’s ‘O Mensch bewein dein Sünde gross' BWV 622.

All Sunday services and weekday High Masses sung by the Choir of All Saints - full details at


TONIGHT and all Fridays in Lent please join us in walking the way of the Cross:
Stations of the Cross 7pm,
after the Evening Mass at 6.30pm. Led by Fr Michael Bowie. 

Lenten Sermons at Evensong
The sermons at Evensong on the first four Sundays of Lent will be on the Lenten practices to which the Church calls us:

“Brothers and sisters in Christ, since early days Christians have observed with great devotion the time of our Lord's passion and resurrection and prepared for this by a season of penitence and fasting.

By carefully keeping these days, Christians take to heart the call to repentance and the assurance of forgiveness proclaimed in the Gospel, and so grow in faith and in devotion to our Lord. I invite you, therefore, in the name of the Church, to the observance of a holy Lent, by self-examination and repentance, by prayer, fasting and self-denial, and by reading and meditating on God's holy word.”                                   The Liturgy of Ash Wednesday, Common Worship  

Lent 1 Self-Examination and Repentance                     Fr. Julian Browning

Lent 2 Prayer                                                                 Fr. Michael Bowie

Lent 3 Fasting and Self-Denial                                      The Vicar

Lent 4 Reading and Meditating on God's Holy Word     The Vicar  

Late Night Praying on Thursdays – please join us as weather warms up – new heating means Church is a very comfortable temperature! Church is staying open after Evening Mass each Thursday in Lent with an opportunity for Eucharistic adoration with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and private prayer. The evening concludes by participating in the ancient plainchant office of Compline (Late Night Prayer) at 8.30pm. Last night, for the third week fourteen people came to practice with Tim Byram-Wigfield (Director of Music) and then enjoyed singing Compline in choir – we should love to be joined by more of you in the fourth week of Lent. Compline is a service of quietness and reflection before rest at the end of the day. All welcome.  

The proceeds of our Lenten Collections will be shared equally between our three regular Mission Projects (the Marylebone Project, the Soup Kitchen at the American Church, Tottenham Court Road and USPG - UMOJA - HIV Project) and the Bishop’s Lent Appeal Tackling Homelessness Together (for a dozen small grass—roots church homeless projects). Two of our own projects already chime particularly well with the theme of the Bishop’s Appeal, as does our practical support for our neighbours in Margaret Street – the Jesus Centre - through gifts of warm clothing.

The collections gathered at the services of Tenebrae and Good Friday along with the contents of individual Lent boxes (now available in the Baptistery) will be shared equally between the four charities. If you can’t get to All Saints but would like to contribute to these very worthy causes, please donate by BACS to All Saints Nat West Account: 04559452, Sort Code 60-09-15, with APPEAL and your surname as the reference or make out a cheque to Parochial Church All Saints and send it to the Parish Office, 7 Margaret Street, London W1W 8JG in an envelope marked LENT APPEAL. If you are a UK tax payer and would like us to claim Gift Aid on your donation, please include a note to say that, supplying your full name, address and post code. Thank you.


Weekly meetings until Easter (excluding 28 March). Next meeting on Wednesday 14 March at 7pm (after Evening Mass) in the Vicarage. Bishop Stephen Platten will conduct the confirmations at the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil on Saturday 31 March. 

Monday 12 March (after Evening Mass at 6.30pm) 7pm – PCC Meeting in the Parish Room  

Saturday 24 March, 3pm POETRY TEA at PAMELA’S
The theme will be ‘Life’. You can bring poetry or prose. To attend, please speak to Pamela or Sandra in the church courtyard, or ring Sandra on 020 7637 8456, leaving your name and contact number.
Charge £6 – proceeds to the All Saints Restoration Fund.  

This year the Parish Retreat will be from 11-13 May at Bishop Woodford House in Ely. It will be conducted by Fr Philip Bevan who writes: In our Parish Retreat this year we will explore the meaning of spirituality, and look at how we can mature in our spiritual life. In medieval England there was a great devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, we will take some time thinking about where this came from, and how this devotion can change the way we live.  

St Paul encourages us to “pray continually”, and we will look at how this can happen by studying and praying “The Jesus Prayer”. We will also take a look at “time”, and how the Church sanctifies it, and what this could mean for us in our own lives.  

If you want to come on the Retreat, or would like further information, please contact Martin Woolley on 07976 275383 or at Rooms will be allocated in the order in which bookings are received.  


'Keeping Faith at Work' ~ Lent Addresses 

St Matthew's Westminster is teaming up again with St Stephen's, Rochester Row to deliver a series of talks exploring faith in areas of public or professional life, including what it is like to practise a faith while working in various arenas, and how the two may inspire each other. The talks will take place every Wednesday through Lent at 7pm. Doors open for refreshments at 6.30pm.

Keeping Faith in Public Service

14 March ~ St Stephen's Rochester Row
Paula Vennells, Chief Executive, The Post Office

Keeping Faith in Justice
21 March ~ St Matthew's Westminster
Brian Gill, former Lord Justice General of Scotland  

Monday, 12 March, 6.45pm Churches Together in Westminster - Meet the Neighbours The Jesuit Church of the  Immaculate Conception (Farm Street) 114 Mount Street W1K 3AH
The Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception are opening their doors to all who would like to find out more about this fascinating church. The visit will include a welcome and introduction to 'Farm Street today', a talk on the Mount Street Jesuit Centre, as well as on the history of English Jesuits, a tour of the church, and a service of Evening Prayer in the Roman Rite. The evening will finish with a buffet, and there is a Roman Catholic Mass at 6pm to which all are also welcome. If you would like to attend, please contact Scott McCombe at 

Monday, 19 March, 6:45pm 
Democracy and the Common Good, St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's will be hosting a public debate with Michael Sandel - What has become of the common good? Is democracy in peril? Join Michael Sandel at St Paul's Cathedral for a lively discussion on how we might promote a national conversation to address current widespread economic and cultural insecurity. Michael Sandel will be available for a book signing at the end of this event. Books will also be on sale. The event is free, though a donation of £5 towards the cost of running the event would be welcomed. Further details here: 


Our year-round fundraising efforts go to support three charities:

The Church Army hostels and programmes in Marylebone empowering homeless women into independent living through providing a safe refuge, training and employment opportunities.
The USPG-led UMOJA, HIV Project in Zimbabwe, enabling people living with HIV and Aids to have positive lives, and
The Soup Kitchen (American International Church, Tottenham Court Road) feeding up to 80 vulnerable people daily in central London. 

Men’s clothing especially is STILL needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street, which provides a regular drop-in and range of services to homeless people. If you have women’s or men’s clothes to give away, please bring to Church and leave at the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. The Church Army also collects women’s clothes for their Homeless Hostel so all donations can be found a good new home! Thank you to those who have already brought things in during the cold weather – those contributions of shirts, trousers, warm sweaters and blankets continue to be much appreciated.

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The Parish Church of All Saints Margaret Street, London W1 W 8JG
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Assistant Priest: The Revd Dr Michael Bowie
T: 07581 180963 E: (Day off: Wednesday)

A priest is available for confessions/counsel Monday – Friday from 12.30-1pm and at 5.30pm Monday - Saturday, or by appointment. (Special arrangements apply in Lent and for Holy Week.)

If you would like prayers offered, or amendments to the prayer list please contact:
Dee Prior, Parish Administrator (020 7636 1788).  E:

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Safeguarding Officers: Chris Self (Vulnerable Adults) and: Janet Drake (Children)

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