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All Saints Parish Newsletter 24th November 2017

Friday 24th November 2017


Dear Friends, 

On this last Sunday of the Church's year, the feast of Christ the King, we have two sets of “last words” of Jesus to round off our reading of St. Matthew's Gospel this past year.  At the Eucharist we will hear the closing of Jesus' public teaching ministry with the description of the “Last Judgement” (25.31-46).  At Evensong we will have his parting words to the apostles after the resurrection in the “Great Commission” (28.16-20).  Matthew wants these closing words to ring in our ears and be printed in our memories.  

In the first, the “the Son of Man,” the king, comes in glory and the nations are assembled before him for judgement.  They are separated into two groups, as “a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.”  

The deciding factor, Jesus tells them, is how each one has treated those in need; the hungry and thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick and those in prison. When both groups ask when they have seen him in such a state and either cared for him or not, he replies: “Truly I tell you, just as you did it -  or did not do it -  to the least of these who are members of my family you did it – or did not do it - to me.”  

There has been a division of opinion in the Church and among commentators over who these “least” are. This surfaced at the General Synod some years ago in a debate on an alternative set of collects, one of which included these words: “God our Father, in love you sent your Son that the world may have life: lead us to seek him in the outcast and to find him in those in need.”  

A sternly conservative evangelical lady protested against the wider understanding, expressed in that collect, one which sees the presence of Christ in all the needy, rather than the narrow one which restricts that presence to Christians, and particularly Christian missionaries, in need. The fact that neither group has recognized Jesus in the needy [one simply ministering to the need and the other ignoring it] supports the wider understanding.  

This was certainly the view taken by Bishop Frank Weston in his challenging words to Catholic Anglicans:   “You have got your Mass, you have got your Altar, you have begun to get your Tabernacle. Now go out into the highways and hedges where not even the Bishops will try to hinder you. Go out and look for Jesus in the ragged, in the naked, in the oppressed and sweated, in those who have lost hope, in those who are struggling to make good. Look for Jesus. And when you see him, gird yourselves with his towel and try to wash their feet.”

For Bishop Weston there is a clear link between our recognition of the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and his presence in the neighbour in need.  

In fact, one understanding need not exclude the other. On the day I am writing this, our Head Server Cedric Stephens and I will be taking part in “Red Wednesday,” organized by Aid to the Church in Need, to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians, especially in the Middle East. Cathedrals and churches will be lit up in red as part of this.  

Like the appalling “Black Friday” spending spree imported from the United States, which has now developed a week of preparation, but with a nobler motivation, “Red Wednesday” has also spread. So last Saturday there was an ecumenical walk of witness from All Saints, up Oxford Street to the Annunciation, Marble Arch.  This was organized by Cedric and all credit to him. Clear evidence that our servers do not believe only in salvation by choreography.  

In the list of those we pray for at All Saints which you will find below, you will see the names of two women who are in prison. One is Asia Bibi, under sentence of death in Pakistan under that country's appalling and often abused blasphemy law. The other is British-Iranian woman from London, Nazanin Zhagari-Radcliffe held in Iran. We cannot visit either of these in prison but we can at least pray for them and raise our voices on their behalf.  

Space does not permit anything about the Great Commission but I am preaching on that at Evensong on Sunday, so you will be able to read my sermon on the website.  

Yours in Christ,  

Fr. Alan Moses 
Vicar, All Saints Margaret Street  


Those who are sick or distressed and who have asked for prayers: Asia Bibi, Nazanin Zhagari-Ratcliffe, Jayne Forrester, Peter Brentnall, Yvonne Craig, Roger Clark, Thomas Vucetic, Joy Wright, Barbara Schiefer, Isabella Bunn, Gwyneth Hopkins, Fr Philip Warner, Joao Holanda Cavalcante, Ivone Dias Cavalcante, Letizia Sormani, Peter Chant, Rose Smith, Fr Graham Francis, Maria Magdalena Gedmanaite, Ken Hales, Nancy Gardner, Katie Marko, Andrew Evans, Ros Tagoe, Beverley Ward, Vivienne Dunne, Catherine Paciullo and Sîan Evans. 

Those known to us recently departed: Scilla Woolley, Eileen Owen, Stavroulla Pavlou, Nicholas Ball, Alfred Laitman, Michael McClean Pr, Angelo, Brenda Bowman, Gervase Babington, Ian Squire, Lynette Paul, Nigel Cook, Gareth Bevan Pr and Simon Pothen Pr, Graham Robinson and Stanley Kaire. 

Those whose year’s mind occurs this week: Philip Burrage, Thomas Tomlinson, Priscilla Sedgewick, John Clayton, Barbara Morrissey, Thomas Ellis,Edith Martin, Margaret Mack, Charles Hawksley, James Crompton, Joseph Kirkham, Margaret Pickering, Valerie Oram, Ann Cook, Phyllis James, Annie Marshall, Doris Harmsworth, Lovinia Miller, John Clough, Walter Ward Pr, Archibald Ward Pr, Florence Edwards, Emily West, Katherine O’Neil, Sarah Eynstone Pr and David Prior. 


Saturday, 25 November
12 noon Low Mass
6pm Evening Prayer
6.30pm First Mass of Sunday 

Sunday 26 November – Christ the King
8am Low Mass  
10.20am Morning Prayer

Preacher: Fr Julian Browning
Mozart Credomesse K. 257
Offertory Motet: Weelkes  Alleluia. I heard a voice 

The Vicar’s Ten-to-One Talks – today the Vicar will talk about the significance of the Choir.  Please meet in Church. 

Sunday Lunch is being prepared by Daniel Fielden. Menu: Beef Bourguignon with mashed potato and green beans. Dessert and coffee. Tickets £6 from the Parish Shop before and after Mass.

5.15pm Low Mass
Preacher: The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Canticles: Wood Collegium Regale in F major
Anthem: Gibbons O clap your hands 

Benediction is followed by RICHARD MOORE’S Organ Recital. During his time studying in London, Richard held the William and Irene Miller Organ Scholarship at St Paul's Cathedral, and was subsequently Acting Assistant at St Martin-in-the-Fields. After a brief period as Assistant Organist at Winchester Cathedral, he took up the post of Sub Organist at Guildford Cathedral.
Programme includes the second performance of a new work ‘Edwylm’ (‘Surging fire’), 2017 by Solfa Carlile; Berceuse (24 Pieces en style libre) - Vierne; Prélude – Boulanger ; Stèle pour un enfant défunt (Op. 58, No 3) – Vierne and Phantasie über den Choral Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Op. 52, No 2) – Reger. Retiring collection to support music and choir at All Saints (suggested donation £5) – please use Gift Aid envelope wherever possible. All Saints Licensed Club/Bar open afterwards.

This Week’s Services

Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December
7.30am Morning Prayer 
 8am Low Mass
12.30-1pm Confessions  
1.10pm Low Mass
5.30pm Confessions  
6pm Evening Prayer
6.30pm Low Mass except Friday 1 December when Magdalene College Cambridge have a Carol Service (Private event) and so there will be no Evening Mass. 

Saturday 2 December
12 noon Low Mass
6pm Evening Prayer 
6.30pm First Mass of Sunday

Sunday 3 December – Advent 1
8am Low Mass   
10.20am Morning Prayer 

HIGH MASS & Sermon, 11am
The Vicar, Fr Alan Moses
Palestrina Missa Iste Confessor
Offertory Motet: People look east – anon, arr Backhouse

Sunday Lunch is being cooked by Paul Weston and John McWhinney. Tickets £6 from the Parish Shop before & after Mass.

5.15pm Low Mass
ADVENT SERVICE of READINGS & MUSIC by Candlelight, 6pm
A beautiful reflective evening of Biblical readings and seasonal music illuminated by candles at the start of Advent with the Choir of All Saints Margaret Street and opportunities for congregational hymn singing. 

Full service information:



Thank you to everyone who supported the Procession of Witness from All Saints to the Annunciation, Marble Arch, last Saturday. This was in support of Aid to the Church in Need - one of the charities working with Christians in the Middle East (which the Diocese of London supported for its Lent Appeal last year) organizers of Red Week 19-26 November 2017 to highlight the plight of persecuted Christians. In addition to the Procession, All Saints was the location for a photo-shoot highlighting this issue on Red Wednesday. Photographs of the Procession along Oxford Street may be seen on Facebook: 

NEXT SATURDAY - POETRY TEA at PAMELA’S, Saturday 2 December, 3pm – once again generous hostess Pamela Botsford invites all literature aficionados to join her for a Poetry Tea at the start of Advent and on the theme of Christmas – poetry or prose contributions welcomed. To attend, please speak to Pamela or Sandra in the courtyard, or ring Sandra on 020 7637 8456 leaving your name & phone number.  Charge £6 - with proceeds to the All Saints’ Restoration Fund. 

REFORMATION & MUSIC TALK – Sunday 10 December, 3.30pm Parish Room
In the 500th anniversary year of the German Lutheran Reformation, Philip Norman - organist at St Marien mit St. Georg Lutheran Church London - gives a lecture enlivened with audio illustrations.  Luther’s Reformation radically altered (or did it?) the approach to church music. This talk looks firstly at Germany and the changes which took place from 1517 and over the next couple of centuries. Then, after a brief digression to look at developments within the Reformed Church in Switzerland and Holland, a closer account is given of the effects of the Reformation in England and Scotland. This talk is richly illustrated both aurally and graphically, and pulls out of the hat some of the strange developments which took place as musicians and composers tried to reconcile new concepts with old habits. We also find out why being “a musitian” can be a life-saving occupation. Refreshments will be offered with an opportunity for questions and discussions with the lecturer. You may like to come to High Mass, enjoy Frances O’Neil’s Sunday lunch and then stay on at All Saints for this talk ending with tea/coffee & biscuits or make it the pre-event before Evensong at 6pm.

NEW CHURCH HEATING is working well, with the final stage underway installing the new control mechanisms. The old heavy metal boiler pieces have been cleared from site and the scaffolding will be removed next week, just in time for the Christmas Tree to be put in place.  

THINKING OF KEEPING WARM – Men’s coats, jackets, scarves shirts, trousers, warm sweaters, trainers/athletic shoes needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street. 42 homeless people daily shower and eat and collect fresh clothing. If you have men’s clothes to give away, please bring to the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. Thank you to those who have recently brought in things as the weather gets colder. 

CHRISTMAS CARDS - Sales of our 2017 card of the Virgin and Child from the All Saints reredos got off to such a successful start in the first few days that the first batch of the version with the Christmas greeting printed inside has temporarily run out! We still have good stocks of the blank inside version where you can write your own message. We were obviously too cautious in assessing how popular this image would be and have now speedily ordered larger quantities of the greeting version. Stocks have been promised to us by 30 November – if you want to add your name to the waiting list in the Parish Office, please call Dee Prior on 020 7 636 1788 and advise the quantity you would like. As the card sales generally help to raise funds for All Saints, this is good news, if briefly frustrating! We are victims of our own success but can report we are already well on our way to covering card costs and fundraising for the church.

FESTIVAL APPEAL 2017 – has now raised £7,275 including applicable Gift Aid. A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed. By Advent 1 we will pay a third of the total raised to each of our charities: THE MARYLEBONE PROJECTempowers homeless women into independent living’.

USPG’s UMOJA HIV PROJECT, Zimbabwe ‘enables people living with HIV and Aids to live positive lives’ and THE DIOCESE OF THE GAMBIA a rural community bakery and poultry business designed to create employment, provide food security and improve the livelihood skills of women and young people.  

Many of you have already brought in items recently for our regular mission focus at the Marylebone Project – they are appealing for small presents to go in their gift bags for their service users at Christmas. They suggest perfume, gloves, scarves, pyjamas, socks, notebooks, chocolates, make-up, purses and bags as great gifts. They ask that gifts be unwrapped and don’t include candles please. 

Our year-round fundraising efforts go to support three charities:

The Church Army hostels and programmes in Marylebone empowering homeless women into independent living through providing a safe refuge, training and employment opportunities.
The USPG-led UMOJA, HIV Project in Zimbabwe, enabling people living with HIV and Aids to have positive lives, and
The Soup Kitchen (American International Church, Tottenham Court Road) feeding up to 80 vulnerable people daily in central London.

Men’s clothing especially is needed by the Jesus Centre in Margaret Street and also by the Soup Kitchen at the American International Church, both of whom provide a daily range of services to homeless people. If you have women’s or men’s clothes to give away, please bring to Church and leave at the Parish Office so we can continue to help support our neighbours’ efforts. The Church Army is now also collecting women’s clothes for their Homeless Hostel so all donations can be found a good new home! Thank you to those who have started recently to bring things in as the weather gets colder – those contributions of shirts, trousers, warm sweaters and blankets have been much appreciated.

The Soup Kitchen specifically calls for:
men's trousers (sizes 32-36) and men's sturdy/athletic shoes (sizes 9-12 especially) and say ‘we also need men's outerwear of all varieties and rucksacks and duffle-bags to help our guests carry their belongings!’

The Soup Kitchen team (only part-time cover) asks: ‘Please drop me a line if you are planning to drop things off here. As always, many thanks for your support.’ Soup Kitchen at the American International Church, 79a Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 4TD T: 020 7580 2791

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