All Saints Margaret Street

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The Complete New English Hymnal Vol. 7

CD cover The Choir of All Saints Margaret Street, London
Organ: Andrew Arthur
Directed by Harry Bramma
(Priory Records; 2001)
Total playing time: 71: 36

Track list

This album includes the following tracks. If a preview track is available, you can click the audio icon play button to listen.

track title  
1 Ride on, ride on in majesty! listen
2 All glory, laud and honour listen
3 Come rejoicing listen
4 God is love listen
5 The prophetic anthem listen
6 Saviour eternal listen
7 O Sapienta listen
8 Magnificat and the rest of the Advent antiphons listen
9 The Candelmas ceremony listen
10 Come, Christ's beloved listen
11 A simpler setting of the reproaches listen
12 The Lent prose listen
13 Faithful Cross above all other (1) listen
14 Faithful Cross above all other (2) listen
15 The palm procession listen
16 Veneratum and Reproaches listen
17 Advent prose listen

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