All Saints Margaret Street

360° Virtual Tour of the Church


How to use this tour

Explore the breathtaking interior of Butterfield's architectural masterpiece, All Saints Margaret Street, with this interactive tour. Beginning in the courtyard, enter the church by clicking on one of the doors.

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Click the buttons at the bottom of the image to control the tour - move left, right, up or down. You can also use your mouse - click and hold the mouse button down and move the mouse around the photo. hotspot Look out for the red hotspot symbols in the panoramas- click on these to move to a different view inside the church. Clicking on the hotspot button on the toolbar will turn the hotspots on and off.
zoom in zoom out If you want to zoom in and out to look at detail, click the plus/minus buttons. You can also use your mouse wheel to do this. fullscreen Click on the fullscreen button on the toolbar to switch to view the tour in fullscreen mode. Click it again (or press the Esc key on your keyboard) to return to the normal view.

You need to have Flash enabled in order to view the panoramas.

360° panoramas by ReedDesign