All Saints Margaret Street


Tiling plays an important part in the decoration of the nave. The vast tiled panels on the north wall were erected in 1873, at a cost of £1,100 in memory of Upton Richards, the first vicar. The tiles were designed by Butterfield to replace his original geometric patterns. They were painted by Alexander Gibbs and manufactured by Henry Poole and Sons, and the panels depict a variety of scenes from the Bible and the Early Church. From left to right they show:

First panel

Figures from the Old Testament: Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Miriam and Aaron

tiles1 abraham moses

Second panel

King David, the prophets Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and St John the Baptist point the viewer towards the coming of Christ.

tiles2 old testament prophets

Third panel

The nativity of Christ, with Mary, Joseph, Shepherds and the Magi.

tiles3 nativity

Fourth panel

The early Christian Saints and Martyrs: St Stephen, St Paul, St John, St Bartholomew, St Mary Magdalene and St Catherine.

tiles4 early saints

Fifth panel

The early Christian Saints and Martyrs: St Luke, St Peter, St Andrew, St Margaret, St Boniface and St Lawrence.

tiles5 early saints


The panel beneath the great west window dates from 1889, and depicts three Old Testament scenes: Moses lifting up the serpent (which symbolises the Crucifixion); Abraham offering his only son Isaac (as God gave his Son for our sins); and Melchizedek, priest of God. The panel on the north wall of the tower, the last to be erected, in 1891, depicts the Ascension.

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