All Saints Margaret Street

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1.All Saints Margaret Street.jpg All Saints Margaret Street 2.All Saints courtyard.jpg All Saints courtyard 3.Panorama of London with All Saints.jpg Panorama of London with All Saints 4.Entrance to the courtyard.jpg Entrance to the courtyard
5.Butterfield's brickwork.jpg Butterfield's brickwork Arch decoration detail.jpg Arch decoration detail Baptistery - Paschal Candle.jpg Baptistery - Paschal Candle Baptistery ceiling.jpg Baptistery ceiling
Baptistery decoration.jpg Baptistery decoration Baptistery doorway.jpg Baptistery doorway Baptistery.jpg Baptistery Butterfield's colourful stonework.jpg Butterfield's colourful stonework
Butterfield's stonework and Comper's decoration.jpg Butterfield's stonework and Comper's decoration Chancel arch.jpg Chancel arch Choir stalls.jpg Choir stalls Christ enthroned in majesty (Comper, 1909).jpg Christ enthroned in majesty (Comper, 1909)
Christ in Majesty - east wall.jpg Christ in Majesty - east wall Comper - the Greek Church Fathers.jpg Comper - the Greek Church Fathers Comper - the Latin Church Fathers.jpg Comper - the Latin Church Fathers Comper's Augustine of Hippo.jpg Comper's Augustine of Hippo
Comper's Crucifixion over the Altar.jpg Comper's Crucifixion over the Altar Comper's Greek Church Fathers.jpg Comper's Greek Church Fathers Comper's Latin Church Fathers.jpg Comper's Latin Church Fathers Comper's Nativity frieze.jpg Comper's Nativity frieze
Comper's Nativity.jpg Comper's Nativity Detail of chancel decoration.jpg Detail of chancel decoration Detail of church decoration.jpg Detail of church decoration Detail of gilded finials.jpg Detail of gilded finials
Detail of stonework and decoration.jpg Detail of stonework and decoration Detail of the Sanctuary ceiling.jpg Detail of the Sanctuary ceiling Detail of the Sanctuary roof.jpg Detail of the Sanctuary roof Detail of trefoil ornament with gilded lilies.jpg Detail of trefoil ornament with gilded lilies
Firmament deocration on the Nave wall.jpg Firmament deocration on the Nave wall Gilded crockets and chevron decoration.jpg Gilded crockets and chevron decoration Lancet window detail.jpg Lancet window detail Memorial to Bernard Clements, vicar.jpg Memorial to Bernard Clements, vicar
Memorial to William Whitworth, vicar.jpg Memorial to William Whitworth, vicar Ninan Comper's Sanctuary decoration.jpg Ninan Comper's Sanctuary decoration Sanctuary - north wall.jpg Sanctuary - north wall Sanctuary - south wall.jpg Sanctuary - south wall
Sanctuary ceiling.jpg Sanctuary ceiling Sanctuary roof - symbole of Christ's Passion.jpg Sanctuary roof - symbole of Christ's Passion Sanctuary wall detail.jpg Sanctuary wall detail Silver Sacrament House.jpg Silver Sacrament House
Symbols of Saints Luke and Mark.jpg Symbols of Saints Luke and Mark The High Altar and choir stalls.jpg The High Altar and choir stalls The High Altar.jpg The High Altar The Sanctuary and High Altar.jpg The Sanctuary and High Altar
The Sanctuary roof and decorated panels.jpg The Sanctuary roof and decorated panels The Sanctuary roof.jpg The Sanctuary roof The decorated Sanctuary.jpg The decorated Sanctuary The splendour of Victorian Gothic - arch decorations.jpg The splendour of Victorian Gothic - arch decorations
Top of a lancet window.jpg Top of a lancet window Top of the Sanctuary wall.jpg Top of the Sanctuary wall View of the Sanctuary and east wall.jpg View of the Sanctuary and east wall Virgin and Child (Louis Gross, 1924).jpg Virgin and Child (Louis Gross, 1924)